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The First Vegetarian Restaurant in Czech Republic

FX Gallery

The Gallery is the part of the restaurant named after its function- as an exhibition gallery. For the first 10 years we featured international artists’ work on our walls so our guests dining experience could be a full immersion into this new culture we had revealed to the public. After a hiatus, we have rediscovered our roots. Our exhibits have included photography from Berlin and India as well as Japanese calligraphy. Featuring art from all over the world mirrors our menu options because that is our gastronomical philosophy. Let us help you rediscover your adventurous side with the atmosphere in our Gallery.

The Gallery can host 40 guests comfortably and features our coveted VIP section that is separated from the other tables by an elevated dias and a curtain of Swarovski crystals to fully complete your lush and private experience.

If you are interested in a private party than our Gallery is the room to reserve. Don’t hesitate to contact us:

FX Café

Our Café is the beginning of our story. We wanted to offer something that the Czech Republic had never seen before. When we first opened our doors we served only Mexican food, but as our popularity grew so did our ambitions. We wanted our guests to feel like the world was their oyster and so we expanded our menu selections. Today you can enjoy worldly cuisines as we accompany you on this gastronomic journey.

FX Lounge

In response to our growing number of guests we wanted to have a space that was separated from the atmosphere of the club. A place where our guests could relax, sip some coffee, enjoy a poetry reading or some live music… and the concept of our Longue was created. Our Lounge is a gift to our guests who enjoy lounging with love from us. With dipped lights, comfortable sofas in an oriental style, and high quality speakers paired with a superb music selection all provides the perfect atmosphere for you to never want to leave.