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We opened again the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Prague for you. See our lunch and permanent menu

The original vegetarian restaurant of the Czech Republic

We have been disproving myths about vegetarian food since 1992. Our cuisine features fresh, light, and mouth watering food. In our menu you can see we were inspired by gastronomy from all cultures. Our unique selection of dishes lets you have a peek into all over the world. We can take you from India, Mexico, Africa, Italy, and Thailand so please join us in this journey.On Weekends we serve our American-inspired brunch menu for all our coffee and tea drinkers. We have been serving brunch for the past 20 years and look forward to you joining in our weekend traditions. Our brunch menu ends at 3:00pm and our regular eclectic dinner menu resumes at 5:00pm.


Do you plan to do Christmas party, bachelor party, afterparty or celebrate birthday. Radost FX is ideal place. Stylish place with delicious food and wide range of drinks. Find out more or send a message.

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