Tuesdays party


The name „Nation 2 Nation Party“ expresses the main idea of these parties - Bringing the students together. It is not a classical disco or party.The diference are the prezentations of exchange students in form of short video oor powerpoint presentation. Moreover there are tastings of typical dishes or drinks (known as welcome drink). Different country is presented each week so most nations whose students came to study for a semester to Prague took their turn.
Nation 2 Nation parties are unique actions that offer opportunity not just party all the night but also get to know other foreign cultures, their drinks, food and humour. It is a great chance to meet new people, especially other foreign students and Czech students, who both visit Nation 2 Nation parties regularly.


What is Nation 2 Nation party?

Nation 2 Nation parties started about seven years ago by volunteers from Buddy System, which is a non-profit organization that helps international exchange students at the University of Economics, Prague to get around. Furthermore, it organizes trips and other activities for them.

The aim of these parties is to present different cultures and have all the students meet together.

Nation 2 Nation parties started up in the hallways of Jarov dorms. 40 people would turn up in the lobby or in the study room of the dorms. After a while, these parties were moved to the local Jarov club Exit-Chmelnice and later to the famous Prague club Radost FX.





07.04.2015 - Nation2Nation